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Behind-the-Scenes: The Creation of the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty

Elevate God’s Voice

We are bombarded with countless competing messages throughout the day. Giving priority to the Scriptures can help ensure that we make God’s voice the loudest among them.

For singer and hymn writer Kristyn Getty, hearing Scripture and reading it aloud has been an important part of her ministry and family life. Learn more about the "why" behind the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty in this short video about the project, and fill your ears and heart with biblical truth through her reading.

The full ESV Bible, Read by Kristyn Getty is expected to release in August of 2021.

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Kristyn Getty

God’s people have always been a singing people. There must be a robust expression of our testimony to his grace, something not just seen in our lives but heard from our voices.

Introducing the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty

Featuring the voice of modern hymn writer Kristyn Getty, the [ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty] offers listeners comfort and hope from Scripture amid the busyness and difficulties of daily life.

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