A Marvel More Fascinating Than Your iPhone

More Complex Than an iPhone

We look at something like an iPhone and recognize it as a technological marvel. It’s far beyond things of yesteryear that were technological marvels in their day. You look at a steam engine and recognize that it’s complex; but you look at an iPhone, and it’s mind-boggling in its complexity.

No one could pick up an iPhone or a smartphone of any kind and think that it was an accident. We know that thousands of people probably spent billions of hours on the different aspects and components of this technology. It didn't happen by accident.

We cannot deny God because we’ve seen his handiwork through the things that he’s made.

It might not be quite as obvious to a nonbiologist how much more complex even a simple organism—a worm, a firefly—is than a smartphone, but it’s true. If you look at the inner workings of something as simple as a firefly, you will find layer upon layer upon layer of complexity.

All these things are very sophisticated in how they function. A firefly comes from a single cell that then develops into a firefly. Factories make smart phones, but fireflies come from fireflies—from an initial fertilized cell. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

Undeniable Creativity

A lot of nonscientists think or assume that biologists have plumbed the depths of biology and understand that DNA is the blueprint for making organisms, but it’s actually not true. We don’t understand this. We understand little bits of it.

We don’t understand what a genome is doing. We have no idea how a single cell produces an adult. These things are marvelous, and it’s for that reason that Scripture keeps coming back to this idea.

God challenges Job, saying Is it by your understanding that the hawk soars and spreads his wing to the south? And Job, when challenged, realizes, Ah, I said too much. I’ll shut up and I’ll let you speak. I uttered things which I did not understand.

Paul, in Romans 1 says that everyone is without excuse. We cannot deny God because we’ve seen his handiwork through the things that he’s made. We all know that he’s present, and that he’s marvelous.

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