Answering End of Life Questions

Most people want to end their lives well. How exactly does one finish well? What does a "successful" end look like? John Dunlop, a physician of over thirty years, has come up with some strategies for a successful end of life answering questions and addressing fears that people may have along the journey.

  • Live Well- What purpose can my life have in old age? How can I build deeper friendships as I age? What things detract from finishing life well?

  • Let Go Graciously- How do I give up the things of this world? Does that mean I cannot enjoy God's gifts? Is it okay to feel sad about letting go?

  • Grow through Adversity- Is it possible for suffering to accomplish good? Does our understanding of God impact our response to suffering? How should we respond when we hurt?

  • Complete Your Agenda- Can I have peace with myself when I die? What needs to be done to bring closure with loved ones? How can my family be stronger when I'm gone?

  • Rest in Jesus- What should we expect as death approaches? How do we handle death when its messy? What can loved ones do for the dying? Can we simply rest in Jesus?

Finding faith-based answers to these questions helps provide the spiritual and emotional preparation that the end-of-life requires. The approach of death does not have to be a painful, panicky battle against the inevitable. Rather, it can be a peaceful time of awaiting rest in the arms of a loving Savior.

This article is adapted from Finishing Well to the Glory of God by John Dunlop.

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