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Artist Spotlight: Peter Voth

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series

The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series is a collection of journaling Bibles meant to celebrate the treasure of God’s Word through the artistic talents of his people. These Bibles feature commissioned cover artwork designed by Christian artists such as Peter Voth, Ruth Chou Simons, and Joshua Noom. Each artist offers a visual entry point focused on a particular biblical theme or passage, setting a tone of reflection as readers engage with the Bible.

Each of these decorative hardcover Bibles retains the features of the original ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, such as cream-colored paper, a single-column page layout, and lines in the margin for note taking. These features coupled with captivating cover artwork make each Bible conducive to creative engagement with God’s Word.

About the Artist of Sanctus

Peter Voth is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Germany. He works primarily internationally for numerous clients in the Christian and secular fields. His work and style is mainly inspired by historical art, the Victorian era, and traditional illustration techniques such as line engraving. He lives near Aachen and is married to Lore.

Peter’s work is featured on the cover of the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series. Below, we asked him a few questions about his work and the way his faith informs it.

When did your artistic journey begin and what are some of the defining moments that led to where you are today?

Like many artists, I enjoyed painting and being creative as a child. After an apprenticeship in commerce and compulsory military service, I was in a professional crisis. From the beginning, I worked as a freelance designer and the first years were very hard, as I was neither a fully formed designer nor a good businessman. I learned everything I know while working for clients. But I kept at it and with time, I knew who I was as a designer and illustrator. More and more I was able to build a portfolio that drew many dream clients to my work. But it was a rocky road marked by self-doubt, failure, and the desire to make a living from design and illustration, which was difficult for a long time.

Who or what has influenced your work the most?

My work is influenced by historic art and illustration in general. Some main influences are engravings by masters like Gustave Doré, vintage books, ads, and packaging (especially from the Victorian era), the symbolic language and heritage of heraldry, and historic architecture.

What role does your faith play in your artistic style and process?

My faith plays an essential role in my work on different levels. For one, I believe that God is a God of beauty and majesty. He is the ultimate creator who is not only beauty itself but creates beauty. Because it is important to him, it should be important to me. In Exodus 35:30–35 we see an impressive testimony of this. God gave his Spirit to Bezalel, an artisan, to carry out his work.

He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen, or by a weaver—by any sort of workman or skilled designer.—Exodus 35:35)

My goal is to be a modern-day Bezalel—a man who is filled by the Holy Spirit and with skill to do the work he should do with great excellence.

What are three adjectives you would use to describe your work?

It’s always hard to describe your own work, but I like the thought that my work aims to be timeless, detailed, and illustrative.

Is there a specific Scripture that informed this work or your artistic work in general?

In general, Exodus 35:30–35 is an impressive testimony of what God thinks about artistry. Sometimes I question my credentials as a Christian designer, but when I come back to that scripture I’m always comforted and leave with the assurance that God is a God of beauty who loves to fill his children with his Spirit and skill. The specific artwork is called Sanctus, which is Latin for “holy” and is based on the speech of the seraphim in Isaiah 6:3:

Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!

I wanted to give a little glimpse of this atmosphere in my artwork.

Learn more about the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series.

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