Beware of This Blindspot in the Christian Life

Missing Out on the Good Life

Why do some Christians—many Christians—fail to experience a good life in the present? Frankly, I think this is Christianity’s blind spot. If we have one, this is it. We don’t have a good understanding of life—biblically speaking. If you were to ask most Christians “what is life as a Christian?” they would probably come up with a list of dos and don’ts.

When we plug into Christ, we don’t give him anything, but all that he is comes surging into us.

Christians do read their Bible, they pray, they tithe, they go to church, they witness. They don’t curse, they don’t cheat, they don’t commit adultery, they don’t do bad things. All of that’s true and not to be neglected, but we don’t seem to have an understanding that we actually have an organic link with Christ.

We Are in Christ

We’re connected to him in the most profound way. Young people, in particular, are looking for this genuine article of Christianity in which we’re actually connected to Christ. Christ said, “I am the vine and you are the branches, remain in me.” And then Paul uses that wonderful, tiny preposition “in.” We are in Christ.

Discovering the Good Life

Tim Savage

Tim Savage sets forth a distinctly Christian vision of “the good life,” explaining how being “in Christ” leads to the most liberating, fulfilling life any human could experience.

What does that mean? Maybe one of the best analogies is to think about an electrical plug and an electrical socket. We’re the plug, Christ is the socket. When we plug into Christ, we don’t give him anything, but all that he is comes surging into us. His resources become our resources so that this life in Christ means to be connected to him in an organic way such that who he is is coursing into us. That makes for a dramatic life change. It makes for a whole lot more than “I do this and I don’t do that.” I am connected to Jesus Christ.

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