Caring for a Loved One with Cancer: Be Prepared to Help for the Long Haul

It is not unusual for visits, calls, and offers of help for those battling cancer to taper off after a couple weeks. When someone calls and a cheery voice answers, the assumption can be made that all is well and help is no longer needed. However, this is sometimes far from the truth.

Even when spirits are high and recovery is going well, it doesn’t mean that needs are no longer present, especially when a loved one is undergoing chemo or radiation treatments and energy is low. The side effects of these treatments can render anyone incapable of performing simple tasks that are suddenly too strenuous to accomplish.

Be committed to being available for the long haul and to continue helping throughout the length of the cancer treatments. Such perseverance and faithfulness will be forever remembered and deeply appreciated.

“[Love] . . . always hopes, always perseveres.” - 1 Corinthians 13:7

This article is adapted from Caring for a Loved One with Cancer, by June Hunt.

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