Common Mistakes in Evangelism

Listen and Learn

I find often that people, when they're trying to speak to someone else about Jesus, don't take the time to listen. They talk too much and listen too little, and therefore trying to answer questions that haven't even been asked. They're trying to give information that people aren't necessarily looking for.

Gospel Fluency

Jeff Vanderstelt

Teaching believers what it looks like for the gospel to become a natural part of our everyday conversations, Vanderstelt shows that the good news about Jesus impacts every facet of our lives.

We need to grow in learning how to listen. Slow down, listen to the deep longings of the heart, listen for the disappointments in their past, listen for the desires they're trying to meet somewhere else. And, as we listen to those things, we'll know how to speak the truths of Jesus into the real desires, longings, and brokenness that they're facing.

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