Delighting in God’s Law: A 10-Day Video Devotional with Jen Wilkin

Do They Still Matter?

Why do the Ten Commandments matter and how do they relate to our daily lives as Christians? Join Jen Willkin, author of Ten Words to Live By: Doing and Delighting in What God Commands, over the course of ten days for video teachings that introduce each of the commandments, giving you a chance to reflect on their meaning and learn how they were meant to give us life.

Ten Words to Live By

Jen Wilkin

Jen Wilkin invites readers to rediscover the Ten Commandments—ten words often misunderstood, forgotten, or ignored—and helps believers delight in the life-giving wisdom they hold for all whom Christ has set free.

To start the video devotional via your browser or as a daily email, simply visit Or, click the individual links below to view each day separately.

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