Depression, Anxiety, and Joy: A 5-Day Devotional

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Our Sins Are Many, His Mercy Is Great

Depression, anxiety, and melancholy are common products of sin and the world’s fallenness—and Christians are not immune to them. But, with Christ, Christians do have a unique hope in the midst of their suffering.

This new online devotional features content adapted from Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter, revised, updated, and annotated by Michael S. Lundy, MD. In the introduction, J. I. Packer writes:

The treatment that Baxter as a pastor recommended boiled down to never letting melancholics lose sight of the redeeming love of God, the free offer of life in Christ, and the greatness of grace at every point in the gospel . . .

Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life

This book presents 17th-century pastor Richard Baxter’s wise, gentle advice to comfort and strengthen all who struggle with depression or know someone who does.

Available online and/or as a daily email delivered right to your inbox, this free devotional will offer you encouragement from Richard Baxter’s biblical advice for finding joy in Christ even in seasons marked by depression and anxiety.

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