—How to Bookmark a Passage

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Create Bookmarks

Did you know that you can bookmark Bible verses using the features on, making it easy to toggle back and forth between several passages of Scripture?

After creating a free account, simply navigate to a particular book or verse and use your cursor to highlight a section of Scripture. A menu of six icons should appear. Select the ribbon bookmark icon in the middle of the second row. Then, select one of the three available colors (blue, gold, or red) to mark the particular passage you want to revisit.

Should you desire, navigate to one or two different passages of Scripture and repeat the process. When you’re done making your bookmarks, click the ribbon marker icons in the top right-hand corner of the Scripture section of your view to quickly navigate back to the passages you previously selected.

When you’re ready to replace one or more of the bookmarked selections, begin the process again.

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