Free E-Book: "Practicing Affirmation" by Sam Crabtree

Refreshing Others and Honoring God

It happens in marriages, parent-child relationships, friendships, workplaces, and churches: communication falters, friendships wane, teenagers withdraw, marriages fail, and bitter rifts sever ties that were once strong. Christian communities are no exception. Why do so many of our relationships suffer from alienation, indifference, and even hostility?

Author Sam Crabtree believes that often at the heart of these breakdowns is a lack of affirmation. He observes in Scripture that God grants mercy to those who refresh others, and observes in life that people tend to be influenced by those who praise them. Crabtree shows how a robust “God-centered affirmation ratio” refreshes others and honors God.

Practicing Affirmation sounds a call to recognize and affirm the character of Christ in others. When done well, affirmation does not fuel pride in the person, but refreshes them and honors God. All who are discouraged in relationships will find wisdom and practical insight in this book.

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