Help for Regular Bible Reading When Life Is Hectic

Have a Plan

We're all so busy these days. It can be really hard to maintain regular Bible reading. I think if we have a Bible-reading plan, that can help us a lot. And yet we don't want to be so formulaic about it. If you think about it, if we started a Bible reading plan on January 1st, and if we fall behind by January 5th, then we give up by January 10th and then it's out the window.

It's good to have some Bible-reading plan, though, because apart from that, we wake up in the morning and we know we want to read our Bibles, but we can get stuck on what to read that day. What do I feel like reading? And then before we know it, we are playing Wordle instead.


Lydia Brownback

This book aims to free women from self-focus and replace it with truth from God’s word about the abundant life Jesus promises them in the gospel.

So I think the best thing is to have a plan—even if it's one of your own creation. So maybe just map out a series of readings for yourself. Mondays, you want to read a psalm. Tuesdays, you read in one of the Gospels. Or alternate books of the Bible and set your own timeframe for reading through. Whatever you do, just get into it every day. And if you have some sort of plan set up, you're likely to just get up automatically and do it—whatever time of day you tend to do it. I think we're much more likely to stick with it when we are prepared for what we're going to do.

Lydia Brownback is the author of Flourish: How the Love of Christ Frees Us from Self-Focus.

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