How Angels and Demons Intersect with the Christian Life

Are Angels and Demons Around?

It’s a good question to ask what role demons play in the life of a Christian—and angels as well. In general terms, we find in Scripture that angels are ministering spirits. But the Scripture doesn’t give us a lot of detail as to what they’re actually doing right now in our Christian life because the fact of the matter is the Bible wasn’t written to angels. It was written to us.

Against the Darkness

Graham A. Cole

This book explores the doctrine of angels and demons, answering key questions about their nature and the implications for Christians’ beliefs and behavior.

And so angels are, if you like, the minor players in the great drama of salvation. So, I need to be careful about speculating here. But we do know that they are guardians. We do know that they’re sent to serve the people of God and the purposes of God.

Angels are, if you like, the minor players in the great drama of salvation.

As for the demonic, sadly we know that they’re deceptive and they also can be involved in the persecution of God’s people, too. In 2 Corinthians 11, we find that Satan, for example, can be an angel of light working through false teaching. But in 1 Peter 5, we can find that Satan is like a roaring lion devouring God’s people through persecution. There are parts of the world where we meet the angel of light and there are other parts of the world as where people are experiencing the roaring lion.

Graham Cole is the author of Against the Darkness: The Doctrine of Angels, Satan, and Demons.

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