How to Be a Gospel-Centered Bible Reader

Done before Do

One of the best practices for those who want to make sure that they are gospel-centered everyday—that they are looking into the grace of God in Christ—is to look for Christ in the Scriptures.

Most Christians understand that they ought to be spending time in God’s Word everyday but a lot of times that can just look like a checklist of religious duty. No matter what biblical text you’re in, it is important to look for the gospel and Jesus within it. This can be a little harder in the Old Testament and even in some New Testament texts. However, the aim is rather simple: look first and foremost for what God has done, not what you are to do.

Reordering your study of the Bible in this way will help you to develop a gospel-centered impulse or instinct—one that is quicker than our instinct toward man-made religion or obedience. And that is what will produce more and more awe in your heart at what God has done.

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