How to Use the ‘Pour Out Your Heart Prayer Journal’

An Overview of the Prayer Journal

The title of the Pour Out Your Heart Prayer Journal is taken from Psalm 62:8, “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” This journal will help you to pour out your heart—to openly and honestly put words to your concerns and longings, because the only hope for weak and dependent people is the refuge of God, who can be trusted to hear and to do what is right.

This is not a typical prayer journal; it is a prayer planner. You will continue to individualize it slowly over a long time of use. In the end, you'll find that it's a record of God's goodness in your life.

The journal is divided into four sections with a list of resources at the back. See below a series of in-depth videos that will explain how to use each section.

1. How to Use the ‘Daily Gospel Truth’ Section

Write on these pages with gospel scriptures, hymns, songs, and meaningful expressions of the gospel. Daily rehearsing gospel truth reminds us that we come confidently to God in prayer because of Christ's righteousness and not our own.

2. How to Use the ‘Promises’ Section

God is a promise-making, promise-keeping God who delights in having his children call on him to keep his promises. Add to these pages promises that speak to your life situation. Starting with the promises of God helps us to know what to ask God for when we pray.

3. How to Use the ‘Prayers’ Section

The third section and heart of the journal is ‘Prayers’, which has three main parts: Kingdom Prayers, Prayers for Loved Ones, and Prayers for Myself. You will be personalizing each of these subsections to reflect the concerns of your heart and the people that God has placed in your sphere of influence.

3a. Sticky Notes

3b. Kingdom Prayers

3c. Prayers for Loved Ones

3d. Prayers for Myself

4. How to Use the ‘Provisions’ Section

This is a record of the significant ways God's answers to prayers have impacted you. It is the story of God's faithfulness, wisdom, and kindness in your life. When you read this in times of discouragement, you'll be called to trust in God's strength.

5. How to Use the ‘Resources’ Section

This section is full of suggestions and examples that will help you fill out the other sections. Use these as a stepping-off point for your own prayers.

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