If I Could Sit Down with Richard Dawkins

So What? Says Who?

If I could sit down with Richard Dawkins what would be the first question that I’d ask him?

It would probably be, “So what? What’s the point? Why do you care so much? And, why should I?” I just want to know what drives these guys.

If I could change Richard Dawkins’ mind about something, it would be about this notion of objective morality. I think that’s where the rubber meets the road. We can talk about what we know and science and all of that, but what really matters to us is how we live. I would like for Dawkins to see that there’s no objective morality [in his worldview] and get him to see the ramifications of that and just take it seriously.

When Christopher Hitchens was alive, he would constantly get asked, “How do you account for morality?” And he would say, “The solidarity of humanity.” He was way too smart for that. He was avoiding the real question: “Says who?”

If we could simply agree on that, I’d be happy.

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