Individualism Is Defeated Every Sunday Morning

Why Sunday Matters

Christians understand the importance of attending church, but many feel themselves being pulled away from church services or have abandoned gathering together entirely. Paul Tripp reflects on our culture of individualism in which we have built a completely privatized world for ourselves that allows us to do whatever we want and to do it alone. He describes a transformational perspective that changes the Sunday worship service from feeling like an obligation to being a wonderful gift.

In Sunday Matters, Paul David Tripp shares 52 devotions about the beauty and significance of church, helping Christians engage in vibrant gathered worship each week. Each short, accessible meditation highlights an essential spiritual topic, including divine grace, gratitude, our identity in Christ, and dependence on the Lord. Over the course of a year, Sunday Matters will strengthen each believer’s personal relationship with God and fill churches with joyful, engaged, and passionate worshipers.

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“The Lord has called the whole family of God to come and sing together to him. This book will help tune our hearts to do that!”
Keith and Kristyn Getty, hymn writers

Sunday Matters is a book that matters. In this brilliant new devotional, Paul Tripp encourages us not to give up the habit of meeting together—reminding us just how profound a gift our corporate worship can be. Tripp is an inspiring writer, and each of these fifty-two chapters will lead you deeper into the glory of the gathered church.”
Matt Redman, worship leader; songwriter

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