Interview with Dr. Bryan Chapell on the Gospel Transformation Bible

A tremendous amount of work has gone into creating the Gospel Transformation Bible. Particular care was given to the study content, prepared by a team of 50 contributors led by Dr. Dane Ortlund (Managing Editor) and Dr. Bryan Chapell (General Editor).

We recently filmed a 16-minute conversation between Dr. Ortlund and Dr. Chapell, two men with an incredible passion for this project. They discuss the Gospel Transformation Bible from a number of angles and we think you'll find their discussion on the differences between the GTB and the ESV Study Bible (a common question we receive) particularly intriguing.

1:30–3:15 What is the big picture goal of the Gospel Transformation Bible?
3:16–6:37 What are the features of the GTB?
6:38–9:03 What are the differences between the Gospel Transformation Bible and the ESV Study Bible?
9:04–11:51 Who's this Bible for?
11:52–16:18 As an example of the Bible's content, how does the book of Daniel connect to Christ?

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