Introducing a New Bible Browsing Experience

A New Way to Find the ESV That’s Right for You

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand-new Bible browsing experience on Whether it's the high-quality studio photography on every product page, the ability to compare the interior of different Bible lines side-by-side, or powerful new filter options for narrowing your choices, the goal of these updates was to make it easier than ever to find the ESV Bible that’s right for you!

The Bibles Homepage

We’ve completely revamped the Bible browsing experience on starting with the Bibles homepage, which now features a simple grid of nine categories to choose from: Text, Study, Journaling, Reader’s, Ministry, Children & Teens, Premium, Devotional, and Other.

Bible Homepage

Click on one of the tiles to start exploring editions within that category. You can also click on the “Browse All Bibles” button to see all of our Bible lines in one place.

Category Pages

The all-new Bible category pages are designed to help you explore different ESV Bible lines created for a specific audience or purpose. Within each category page, powerful new filter options are available in the left sidebar allowing you to narrow by price, cover material, features, color, and much more.

Category Pages

Still feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options? Click the “Watch Video” text in the banner image at the top of the page for a quick visual overview of the key Bible lines within that category.

Grouping Bibles by Line

We’ve grouped our Bibles into simple Bible line “cards” on, making it easy to see all the different cover styles available within the same Bible line. Clicking on the small colored circles within any card will change the image displayed on the card, and clicking the small + icon in the top right corner “opens” the Bible—letting you quickly compare the interior layout of multiple Bible lines on the same page.

Bible Line Cards

The new Bible line cards are also dynamic—clicking on any of the powerful filter options in the left sidebar will automatically update which Bible lines—and even cover options—are displayed on the page.

Beautiful Studio Photography

Virtually every Bible product page on now features high-quality studio photography, letting you explore the Bible you’re looking at from every angle. What’s more, our product pages now feature short videos letting you see each Bible in an actual person’s hands—all aimed at creating an online browsing experience similar to the experience of shopping for a Bible in a bookstore.

Studio Photography

Want a closer look? Click on any image to open it up in a larger window to see every little detail.

Start Browsing

Ready to find the ESV Bible that’s right for you?

Maybe you’re looking for a study Bible with maps, a ribbon marker, and a leather cover. Or maybe you’re looking for a hardcover journaling Bible for under $50. Or maybe you’re looking for a simple text Bible with a black cover and large print.

Whatever your criteria, our goal is to help you find the ESV Bible that best suits your needs in life and ministry. And don’t forget: through Wednesday, October 14, 2020, all ESV Bibles are 50% off for Crossway+ members. If you’re not a Crossway+ member, sign up for free!

Find a Bible

Still feel like you need a little more help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team.

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