Introducing Buffalo Leather Bible Covers

High Quality at an Affordable Price

Crossway has expanded cover options for select Bible lines to include buffalo leather. This material is a high-quality leather with the look and feel of cowhide leather, but at a more affordable price.

Curious about buffalo leather? Crossway’s Bible Production Team has answered a few frequently asked questions to help you learn more.

Q: Why does Bible cover material matter?

A: Bible cover material matters because it affects the look, feel, and durability of the book. We are drawn to pick up and read beautiful books. When you do, the cover's flexibility, texture, and finish all help enhance the reading experience. It's pleasant to hold and read a book with a quality cover, and what better book to do so with than the Bible! The cover is also a large part of a Bible's longevity. A high-quality leather cover will indeed last a lifetime.

Q: What types of leather does Crossway currently offer for Bible covers?

A: We currently offer bonded, genuine, buffalo, and goatskin leathers.

Q: What makes buffalo leather distinct from other types of leather?

A: The biggest distinction is the animal it comes from. African Buffalo is a plentiful species, and our supplier uses high-quality hides to produce their leather. In most other ways, buffalo leather is very similar to cowhide.

Q: Is there anything specifically about the look of buffalo leather that makes it stand out?

A: It has the natural look of other quality leathers. The grain and color make it distinctive and attractive.

Q: Is there anything specifically about the feel of buffalo leather that makes it appealing to hold and handle?

A: It has the pliable, natural, soft, and pleasant feel of other high-quality leathers. It is very similar to both cowhide and goatskin in this way.

Q: Is there anything specifically about the durability of buffalo leather that makes it long-lasting?

A: Again, it is on par with cowhide and goatskin, which is to say that it will last for centuries if cared for properly. They are the most durable type of cover material available.

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