Introducing ‘Jesus and the Gift of Friendship’

A New Storybook by Trillia Newbell

Friends are one of the greatest gifts from God and reflect his ultimate gift—Jesus! But what happens when the desire for friendship goes unmet? Where should kids turn in their moments of sadness?

In this thoughtful children’s book by Trillia Newbell, readers journey with Zeke as he suffers from missing a close friend and experiences rejection after inviting a neighborhood boy to play. With help from his mom and consistent prayer, Zeke develops an unlikely friendship and an important dependence on Christ.

Jesus and the Gift of Friendship will spur hope and comfort in the lives of kids ages 3–6, teaching little ones to embrace friendship as a blessing from God and a reflection of Jesus—our dearest friend and ultimate provider.

Download a coloring page for Jesus and the Gift of Friendship.

  • Written for Kids Ages 3–6: Jesus and the Gift of Friendship will encourage little ones to embrace Jesus as their closest friend

  • Thoughtful Story with Gospel Truths: Teach kids about the love and comfort found in and through Christ

  • Rooted in Scripture: Provides a biblical application for a common Bible passage on friendship—John 15:12–15

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