Introducing ‘The Complete Works of John Owen’

The Collected Works of John Owen, Updated for Modern Readers

Regarded as one of the greatest theologians in history, 17th-century pastor John Owen remains influential among those interested in Puritan and Reformed theology. The Complete Works of John Owen brings together all of Owen’s original theological writing, including never-before-published work, reformatted for modern readers in 40 user-friendly volumes.

Released over a 6-year span, The Complete Works of John Owen will inspire a new generation of Bible readers and scholars to deeper faith.

The Holy Spirit—The Helper

John Owen, Andrew S. Ballitch

Volume 7 of The Complete Works of John Owen includes 2 treatises on illumination and biblical interpretation—written by 17th-century theologian John Owen and edited for modern readers by Andrew Ballitch.

  • Edited and Formatted for Modern Readers: Presents Owen’s original work, newly typeset with outlines, text breaks, headings, and footnotes
  • Informative New Introductions: Provide historical, theological, and personal context
  • Supporting Resources Enhance Reading: Include extensive annotations with sources, definitions, and translations of ancient languages

The first volume to be released, The Holy Spirit—The Helper (Volume 7), includes the treatises “The Reason of Faith” and “The Causes, Ways, and Means of Understanding the Mind of God as Revealed in His Word.” Exploring the topics of illumination and biblical interpretation, it features 50 pages of helpful introductions by editor Andrew Ballitch, along with outlines, footnotes, and other supporting resources.

All 40 Volumes to Come

The Trinity

Communion with God (Vol. 1)
The Trinity Defended: Part 1 (Vol. 2)
The Trinity Defended: Part 2 (Vol. 3)
The Person of Christ (Vol. 4)
The Holy Spirit—His Person and Work: Part 1 (Vol. 5)
The Holy Spirit—His Person and Work: Part 2 (Vol. 6)
The Holy Spirit—The Helper (Vol. 7)
The Holy Spirit—The Comforter (Vol. 8)

The Gospel

The Death of Christ (Vol. 9)
Sovereign Grace and Justice (Vol. 10)
Justification by Faith Alone (Vol. 11)
The Saints’ Perseverance: Part 1 (Vol. 12)
The Saints’ Perseverance: Part 2 (Vol. 13)
Apostasy from the Gospel (Vol. 14)

The Christian Life

Sin and Temptation (Vol. 15)
An Exposition of Psalm 130 (Vol. 16)
Heavenly-Mindedness (Vol. 17)
Sermons and Tracts from the Civil Wars (1646–1649) (Vol. 18)
Sermons from the Commonwealth and Protectorate (1650–1659) (Vol. 19)
Sermons from the Early Restoration Years (1669–1675) (Vol. 20)
Sermons from the Later Restoration Years (1676–1682) (Vol. 21)
Miscellaneous Sermons and Lectures (Vol. 22)

The Church

The Nature of the Church: Part 1 (Vol. 23)
The Nature of the Church: Part 2 (Vol. 24)
The Church Defended: Part 1 (Vol. 25)
The Church Defended: Part 2 (Vol. 26)
The Church’s Worship (Vol. 27)
The Church, the Scriptures, and the Sacraments (Vol. 28)


An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 1, Introduction to Hebrews (Vol. 29)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 2, Christ’s Priesthood and the Sabbath (Vol. 30)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 3, Jesus the Messiah (Vol. 31)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 4, Hebrews 1–2 (Vol. 32)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 5, Hebrews 3–4 (Vol. 33)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 6, Hebrews 5–6 (Vol. 34)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 7, Hebrews 7–8 (Vol. 35)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 8, Hebrews 9–10 (Vol. 36)
An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 9, Hebrews 11–13 (Vol. 37)

Latin Works

The Study of True Theology (Vol. 38)

Shorter Works

The Shorter Works of John Owen (Vol. 39)


Indexes (Vol. 40)

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