Introducing the 'ESV Pastor's Bible'

An All-in-One Resource for Pastors

When life and ministry demand of you, where do you turn?

Pastors rely on the wisdom of Scripture every day—not just when preparing to preach. What verses can bring comfort to someone in the hospital? What format should a funeral, wedding, or baptism take? How should a pastor pray for himself and his congregation? Where should he begin when planning a worship service?

Created under the editorial oversight of experienced pastors R. Kent Hughes and Douglas Sean O'Donnell, the ESV Pastor's Bible is a portable, all-in-one resource designed to provide pastors with encouragement and practical resources for the ins and outs of daily ministry. Sample liturgies, historical creeds, relevant articles, and reading plans supplement the biblical text, equipping pastors with biblical perspective and helpful tools.

Interspersed throughout the biblical text, over 40 excerpts explore topics pertinent to the life of a pastor. Topics covered include:

  • Expositing the Word
  • Family worship
  • Training the next generation
  • Working with missionaries
  • Why we gather to worship
  • Writing a funeral sermon
  • Praying for the sick
  • The pastor's priorities
  • Cultivating personal discipling relationships

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