Introducing the ESV Reader's Gospels

A New Way to Read the Gospels

Last month, Crossway published the ESV Reader’s Gospels, a brand new edition that invites Bible readers to approach each Gospel—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—as its own unified, cohesive story.

The biblical text is presented in a beautifully designed single-column format and is printed on cream, opaque book paper. All verse numbers, chapter numbers, footnotes, and cross-references have been removed, resulting in a text that reads like a novel.

Occasional section headings alert the reader to thematic shifts in the narrative, and these headings are also located at the top of the page to assist in navigation. Finally, the edition features a new, 12-point font named Trinité, developed by The Enschede Font Foundry in the Netherlands. The result is an uncluttered and inviting page designed to promote extended reading.

The Reader's Gospels—available in either a cloth over board and a top grain leather over board cover—was created to help you immerse yourself in God’s Word so that you see afresh the glory of Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel.

Learn more about the ESV Reader’s Gospels and download a preview the interior today!

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