Introducing the ‘Reactivity’ Podcast with Paul Tripp

This article is part of the Reactivity: Rethinking Social Media with Paul Tripp series.

Take a Biblical Look at Social Engagement with Author Paul Tripp

In the new Reactivity podcast, Paul Tripp instructs believers to view digital media and technology through the lens of the gospel and points them toward a biblical framework for communication. Explaining how God wants the church to engage with culture and each other, Tripp encourages Christians to think wisely about their interactions and be a beacon of light in an age of toxicity.

Across 8 episodes coming out over the next 8 weeks, Paul Tripp explores several topics relating to Christians’ interactions with social media.

This podcast is also releasing in video format on YouTube.

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Be on the lookout for the following episodes:

Episode 1 - #toxic: Why Is Our Culture So Reactive?
Episode 2 - #meantweets - Our Problem with Anger
Episode 3 - #yourewrong - Our Problem with Self-Righteousness
Episode 4 - #antisocialmedia - Our Problem with Individualism
Episode 5 - #fightme - Our Problem with Craving Controversy
Episode 6 - #thosepeople - Our Problem with Tribalism
Episode 7 - #fail - Our Need for Grace
Episode 8 - #QandA - Paul Tripp Answers Your Questions about Social Media

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