Introducing ‘The Sower’

A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book That Celebrates God’s Creative Cultivation

From creation to final restoration, Scripture paints a vivid picture of God as a gardener—sowing seeds, planting gardens, and bringing life through the power of his word. The Sower introduces this biblical imagery to young readers to help them understand the story of redemptive history and look forward to future reconciliation.

Vibrant illustrations complement the book’s lyrical style to engage a child’s imagination and display God’s cultivating work in creation and in the hearts of his people.

The Sower

Scott James

Scripture paints a vivid picture of God as gardener and cultivator. This book introduces this imagery to readers ages 5–10 in a lyrical, engaging style to help them understand the story of redemption and see God’s creative work in the world.

  • Ideal for Children Ages 5–10: Introduces the grand story of redemption in an artistic, imaginative way
  • Introduction to Biblical Theology: Traces the theme of God as a gardener, cultivator, and vinedresser throughout the Bible
  • Engaging and Elegant: Vivid illustrations by Stephen Crotts inspire wonder at God’s creative work in our hearts and in the world

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