An Interview with David Mathis

In this video, Justin Taylor sits down with David Mathis to discuss his new book, Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines.


  • 00:00 - What do the endorsements for the book tell us about what you were trying to do in Habits of Grace?
  • 02:21 - What are you getting at when you talk about "habits of grace"?
  • 04:39 - In your experience, what are some of the main challenges that Christians face with respect to the "habits of grace"?
  • 07:48 - When it comes to our intake of God's Word, why is it important to emphasize both breadth and depth?
  • 09:51 - How do we ensure that our understanding and practice of the spiritual disciplines is biblical and not unduly shaped by non-Christian influences?
  • 13:04 - Where and how is the Holy Spirit present in your understanding of living the Christian life?
  • 16:30 - With the multitude of books already in print related to the spiritual disciplines, why did you feel the need to write another one?

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