Linking the Gospel and the Life of the Mind

The gospel inevitably sparks intellectual curiosity and deliberation. Do you every wonder why that is? Why is it that wherever the gospel goes the academy follows? Bradley Green's book The Gospel and the Mind explores this correlation between the gospel and the mind, and in doing so addresses five theological themes and their relevance to the intellectual life:

  1. The realities of creation and history

  2. The notion of a telos or goal to all of history

  3. The cross of Christ

  4. The nature of language

  5. Knowledge, morality, and action

This postmodern age has balked at incorporating faith or religion into reason, but religion is at the root of any culture that values reason and intellectual pursuits. "A sustainable and meaningful life of the mind," Green posits, "will prosper and grow only in soil nurtured by a Christian vision."

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