Never Before Published Works from Lloyd-Jones

In 1951 the Second World War was not long over and the Cold War was generating anxiety in the West. It was then that Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached these eight sermons on the great truths of John 14:1-12 to comfort, strengthen, and encourage those dealing with fear and uncertainty.

In these never-before published sermons, Lloyd-Jones does not lull fear to rest. He shows how to deal with fear by confronting it, recognizing it, and realizing that the only way to address it is found in the unchanging gospel.

The business of the gospel of Jesus Christ, therefore, is not to reform the individual or the whole world; it is to take hold of us one by one and to bring us out of it, to give us a new birth, a new life, a new beginning. It makes men and women children of God. It gives them a new outlook, a new power, and sets before them the blessed hope of life with God in eternity.

That, let me emphasize again, is the Christian message. The gospel is not merely an exposition of the Sermon on the Mount and its social application in order to make this world a better place. Men have been preaching that kind of thing for so many years and trying to put it into practice, but look at the results! To ask unregenerate people to live the Sermon on the Mount is mockery; they cannot do it. They cannot keep the Ten Commandments; they cannot even live up to their own moral standards. But how glibly people talk about “the social application of the gospel” and about bringing in the kingdom of God.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Eight sermons on John 14:1-12 from one of the twentieth century's foremost preachers encourage Christians and point unbelievers to the only way to face matters of life and death.

There is a kingdom of darkness and a kingdom of light, and these two kingdoms are here together in this world.

Oh, the tragedy of it all! No, we need to be born again, to be regenerated, and the gospel offers to do that. So side by side in this world of time, you have these new people, the citizens of the kingdom of God, and those who belong to Satan. “Ye,” said Christ to the Pharisees, “are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do” (John 8:44). There is a kingdom of darkness and a kingdom of light, and these two kingdoms are here together in this world—that is another aspect of the gospel message.

Excerpt from Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled by Martyn Lloyd Jones.

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