Our Plan to Distribute 100,000 Study Bibles Around the World

A Final Update from Crossway's President

Dear Friend of Crossway,

I am delighted to report that—through the donations of hundreds of God’s people around the world—the Lord has provided the $400,000 needed to fully fund phase two of the ESV Global Study Bible project. Remarkably, again, it was on the last day of this phase of the campaign (March 31, 2016) that we received a major, unanticipated outpouring of support, as a specific answer to prayer.

We are indeed grateful to God, as these funds will provide the means to produce and distribute 100,000 additional ESV Global Study Bibles—in addition to the original 250,000 copies distributed during the last twelve months—free to strategic Christian leaders, where the need greatest, in numerous countries around the world.

Let me share just one story that the Crossway team brought back from India last November—the story of a 19 year-old Bible student, preparing for a lifetime of ministry in his home village in India. This young Bible student with no money shared . . .

I was praying for a study Bible, but I had no money to buy one. I prayed and prayed, continuously, and fasted for three days. When I came here, I was given this study Bible. I really thank God. He listened to my prayer, and he brought me this Bible. How great our God is—he provided this Global Study Bible!

We can only begin to imagine what it must be like—living in a remote Indian village, fasting and praying for three days for a study Bible, and the joy of seeing his prayers answered.

But this young man’s story is likely a story that has been similarly repeated countless times across India, and in more than 60 other countries around the world, among Christian leaders and students and small group members—people whose lives are being transformed by God’s Word and called to a deeper walk with Christ and witness for the Gospel.

Thank you for your donation to the ESV Global Study Bible project. We are rejoicing in the Lord's gracious provision moved by the Lord’s love for His church and His people all around the world.

We look forward to keeping you updated regarding the distribution and its impact for the Gospel in the coming weeks and months ahead.

With my great appreciation,

In Christ Our Savior,

Lane T. Dennis, PhD

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