Preview: A Special Excerpt from ‘R. C. Sproul’ by Stephen Nichols

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Remembering R. C. Sproul

Four years ago today, R. C. Sproul passed into glory. A beloved pastor, theologian, Bible commentator, and apologist, Sproul impacted millions of Christians around the world through his sermons, his lectures, his articles and his books. As Joni Earkson Tada has said, “R. C. was a masterful theologian who could so easily squeeze sweetness from what others considered dry doctrine. His sermons and books beautifully adorned the gospel, but so did his life.”

After his death in 2017, we asked readers to share why they were thankful for the life and ministry of R. C. Sproul. Over 17,000 of you answered with thoughtful and poignant reasons. Read 50 Reasons We’re Thankful for R. C. Sproul.

In honor of the anniversary of R. C. Sproul’s passing on this day in 2017, Crossway is pleased to share a special one-hour excerpt from R. C. Sproul: A Life by Stephen J. Nichols, focusing on the final days of Sproul’s life and the lasting legacy of his ministry.

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