Priests of God in the Workplace

Walking on Holy Ground

People do wonder, How does anything I do in church connect to the real world where I spend most of my week, most of my days, most of my energies and mind? They think, You know, pastor, church, you're just in an unrealistic category of existence. I have to actually live out this real world in my job.

And I want them to understand that God understands that. What we are doing on Sunday is not separate from the real world; it's the full reality of God's people recognizing his glory. And what I want you to be able to do is to recognize that holy ground is always where God's people are doing honest work. When you do your job on Monday through Friday or Saturday—or whatever your work shift is—with honesty and integrity, selflessly, reflecting the character and the care of God, you are on holy ground. You are a priest of God in your workplace.

Grace at Work

Bryan Chapell

Author and pastor Bryan Chapell shares what the Bible teaches about work and how the gospel makes our jobs instruments of his grace. 

I know that sounds strange, but you're representing. That's what a priest does. A priest represents the glory of God by showing his character and care to his people. Every person who says, I’m going to ask the question, ‘How would Jesus do my job? How would he speak to people? What would his priorities be? How would he care about other people and do the job? How would he give an honest day's work for the salary that he's receiving?’

But if you will live for Christ, he will honor his own name, and you will be doing eternal things in your earthly job.

If you're willing to ask those questions, you walk on holy ground, and God will honor the work you do. And he'll let you take the resources and the skills and the gifts he has put into your heart and mind and life and give you opportunities to express them.

Now it may require some sacrifice. I know that. But if you will live for Christ, he will honor his own name, and you will be doing eternal things in your earthly job. Every honest job lets you walk on holy ground.

Bryan Chapell is the author of Grace at Work: Redeeming the Grind and Glory of Your Job.

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