Start a Bible Reading Habit in 2021

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Cultivate a Bible-Reading Habit

Whether you’re already in the habit of reading the Bible daily or you struggle to find consistent time in the Word, reading plans can be helpful in cultivating daily Scripture reading.

Get a strong start to 2021 with one of these free Bible reading plans. These digital devotionals are available on and the ESV Bible app for iOS and Android.

Try These Plans

Be reminded of God’s mercy toward you and get a fresh start to 2021:
New Year, New Mercies: A 15-Day Devotional with Paul David Tripp

Walk through five helpful ways to study the Bible:
How to Study the Bible: A 5-Day Plan with Jen Wilkin

A reading plan that will take you through the entire year:
Digging Deep into the Bible

Learn about 3 life-giving habits that can act as channels of God’s grace in your life:
Cultivating Habits of Grace: A 5-Day Devotional

Build a foundation of biblical literacy in your children from an early age:
Kids Bible Reading Plans

Explore other reading plans today!

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