The Most Effective Way to Start a Conversation with a Muslim

Ask Questions

Just begin a conversation with your Muslim neighbor. Ask them about how they are doing in America. Ask them questions about their family. And the wonderful thing about our Muslim friends is that they are not really reluctant to talk about religion.

Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel

A. S. Ibrahim

In Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel, A. S. Ibrahim seeks to provide his readers with insight and practical tips to engage and share the gospel with Muslim friends and neighbors.

Basically, if you don’t talk about religion in the first two minutes, they might bring it up. Muslims are people. They have similar desires as we do as Christians, and they have some fears and some hopes. So, begin a conversation with a Muslim.

Be sincere. Don’t try to avoid your identity in Christ immediately. You can show that you are follower of Christ, but talk about life. Talk about sincere things. Nothing is more effective in a conversation with a Muslim than being genuine in asking about them and their life.

A. S. Ibrahim is the author of Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel.

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