Truth That Transforms the Teen Years

Transformative Years

The teenage years have been hijacked—by pleasure, pressure, entertainment, and distraction. But there is one truth that has the power to totally change the life of a teenager: the gospel.

Adapted from the popular book by Jaquelle Crowe, the “This Changes Everything” tract aimed specifically at teens explains the gospel in a way that young people will understand and appreciate—showing them how the truth about God can free them to live joyful, purposeful, and meaningful lives for Christ.

As Crowe writes in the book:

If we love Jesus, we’ll love truth, and we’ll want to grow. We’ll reject the status quo. These aren’t our rebellious years; these are the years we rise up to obey the call of Christ. This isn’t our time to slack off; it’s our time to stand out. This isn’t a season for self-satisfaction; it’s a season for God-glorification. Our youth is by God’s grace, in God’s hands, and for God’s fame. He is the whole point of our lives.

The teenage years are some of the most formative years of our lives. For many, they can be filled with pressures to conform to the world and its cultural norms. But, for Christians, they can also be filled with opportunities to grow toward greater obedience and faith.

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