Video: Justin Taylor interviews Lydia Brownback on "A Woman's Wisdom"

Advice books are no short-lived trend, even though much of the advice parading as "wisdom" proves shallow in the long run. What we need is biblical wisdom, and even more than that we need hearts set on the One who governs all our practicalities.

Join Justin Taylor and Lydia Brownback as they discuss her new book A Woman's Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything.


  • 0:01 – You’ve written books for women on being single, on devotions—why did you want to dedicate an entire book to exploring the book of Proverbs?
  • 1:17 – Is this book for all kinds of women?
  • 1:29 – So much of the book of Proverbs is directed from a king figure to a son, and much of it is oriented towards men. What does the book of proverbs have to say to women in particular?
  • 2:51 – Is Proverbs more than just a moral, “how-to” manual?
  • 4:54 – The heart of the book is 6 things every wise woman needs to know. What are those things and how did you structure that section?
  • 7:39 – The study guide is great for women’s groups, mothers and daughters,  and friends. How can your expertise not only teach them but help them talk about these issues.
  • 8:18 – Justin Taylor: “Thank you for writing this book. I’m eager to share it with women I know.”

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