What Is the Wisdom Pyramid?

True Wisdom

Today’s world has more and more information readily available, but less and less wisdom. Many people seek to acquire wisdom from easily accessible sources such as social media and popular culture, but they are often misled. How should Christians acquire wisdom in today’s media-saturated culture?

The Wisdom Pyramid

Brett McCracken

Helping believers navigate today’s media-saturated culture, Brett McCracken presents a biblical case for wisdom. Using the illustration of a Wisdom Pyramid, he points readers to more lasting and reliable sources of wisdom—not for their own glorification, but ultimately for God’s.

Wisdom looks like the discipline of spending more time turning the pages of Bibles than scrolling through social media feeds; immersing ourselves more in the serene spaces of nature than in the clanging cymbals of cable news; developing a hunger for the nutrients of a healthy, local church more than the teeth-rotting candy of online clicks. It looks like cultivating rhythms of healthy information intake: building one’s day, one’s week, one’s life around the sources most likely to bring truth.

Learn more about The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World by Brett McCracken today!

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