What Makes the Preaching the Word Commentary Series Unique?

Created to Be Clear and Life-Changing

The Preaching the Word commentary series is unique because I’ve asked all the contributors to have preached the content of their commentary viva voce, or live. If you’re preaching to an audience with the goal of their comprehension, it has to be clear enough for them to understand. So one of the things that you’ll find about the commentaries is that they are clear, the ideas are thought through and digested, and the content is written entirely by skilled preachers of the Word.

I hear people say, “I wasn’t able to understand what this passage meant. But I picked up Preaching the Word on the book of Romans or on Ecclesiastes and it was clear.” So it’s the clarity that attends these commentaries that makes them unique.

Preaching the Word

Written to help Bible teachers better interpret and apply the message of Scripture, this 19-volume collection of commentaries on the entire New Testament is a multipurpose resource for anyone who loves to study God’s Word.

But it is also the pastoral heart that is invested in this series—that’s vital. The series is meant to change lives. And we’ve got some really skilled practitioners to instruct on how to do just that.

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