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Why Admitting Limitations Is Life-Giving

Don't Worry about John

The freedom in admitting our limitations is that we get to follow John the Baptist's footsteps and say, “I am not the Christ.” It means that I don't have to know everything, I don't have to fix everything, and I'm not expected to be everywhere at once. I'm one person that God created and dearly loves, and I get to just be that one person.

I'm one person that God created and dearly loves, and I get to just be that one person.

It's like what Jesus said in response to Peter at the end of the Gospel of John. Peter said, "Hey, what about John? What's going to happen with John?" And Jesus said, "Don't worry about him, I'll take care of him. You follow me."

The Imperfect Pastor

Zack Eswine

Written in a compelling memoir style, Eswine reflects on the failures, burnout, pain, and complexities that come with pastoral ministry—helping readers find significance in the ordinary through honest conversation and theological reflection.

There's a great freedom in that. I don't have to carry what's going to happen to “John” on my shoulders—Jesus is going to carry that. I need to look to him and trust what he's saying to me. I don't have to take all of that on. Instead, I can just be the one person that I am, in the one place that I am, at the one time that I am, day by day. There's great freedom in that.

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