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Why Bible Study Should Always Lead to Worship

Irresistibly Drawn to Worship

Anytime we spend time gazing at who God is as he’s described in the Scriptures, we cannot help but be drawn into worship.

The testimony of the Holy Spirit inside us to the truth of who the Bible says God is should be something that moves us from a place of self-focus to a place of God-focus, which ultimately turns us outward toward other people as well. We just sort of lose interest in thinking about ourselves as much as we had before because there’s a much better vision presented to us.

I think it's similar to the way that natural revelation works: when you can see God in nature and you’re moved by it deeply as a believer, it causes you to worship. And those are just broad brushstrokes when it comes to what God is like—we can tell that he is Creator and that he is omnipotent when we look around us at nature.

None Like Him

Jen Wilkin

This exploration of ten attributes that belong to God alone reminds us of why our limits are a good thing in light of God’s limitlessness—celebrating the freedom that comes from letting God be God.

But when we look at his Word, we are given even more specific information about what he is like—which should always inspire worship because we don’t know anything else like him. As long as our gaze is focused just on creation or on ourselves, worship is going to feel contrived. But when we invest our time simply looking at who God’s Word tells us that he is, we are naturally drawn into worshipping him—because he’s worthy of worship.

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