Why Do I Struggle to Read the Bible Consistently?

Several Challenges, One Solution

There are several challenges that I think we, as Christians, face when it comes to consistently reading the Bible.

Sometimes we think of Bible reading as a duty, rather than a grand invitation . . .

The first is we have a whole set of enemies that are constantly tugging us away from being in God's Word, such as our sinful desires, the world around us, our entertainment culture, and Satan himself.

Another set of hindrances comes from just the fact that the Bible can seem a little strange to us, to be honest. It's set in a different time, in a different place with strange customs, and things that we don't understand. It sometimes seems like a foreign planet when we open our Bible and see how people lived.

Asking the Right Questions

Matthew S. Harmon

This incisive and accessible book trains Bible readers to ask the right questions when reading God's Word to help them understand and apply the text to their lives.

On top of those different hindrances, there's the fact that we don't understand what the Bible is. It's God's Word. It's an invitation to see him and his beauty and his glory.

Sometimes we think of Bible reading as a duty, rather than a grand invitation to encounter the living God by opening the pages of Scripture, reading it, seeing him, and understanding more of who he is and how we should follow him.

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