Why It Matters that God Is Our Father

A Truth You Need to Know (and Cherish)

It is amazing that the Bible reveals God to us as our Father. Jesus taught us to pray to “our Father.” That is true at two levels: at the level of creation and at the level of redemption.

God is our Father in that he created us as we are. Every guy needs to know that who he is—at his deepest created level—is not fundamentally a problem. Rather, it is fundamentally a strategy. A God-created, God-defined strategy for his glory and the increase of his kingdom and influence here in a broken world . . . through you. It’s a wonderful thing to realize, “I was created with a destiny defined by God himself.” As you hand yourself over to him—trusting him—he will use you because you’re a living, breathing human strategy.

God is also our Father at the level of redemption. The New Testament teaches the wonderful doctrine of adoption. God wasn’t stuck with us; he chose us because he wants us. He has embraced us to his deepest heart. He has given us a whole-hearted welcome right down into his core being, with all the affection and tenderness and cherishing that he feels towards Jesus. That’s amazing.

And that's why the truth that God is our Father is a truth worth knowing.

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