Why Men Should Memorize the Psalms Together

Enrich Your Time in God's Word

One of the things that I’ve found most helpful in letting the Psalms bear their weight is to memorize them—and to memorize them with a friend.

I have a dear friend and brother with whom I often memorize God's Word. We’ve just begun memorizing our second psalm, Psalm 16. The benefit of having someone that you know memorizing Scripture with you is very special; there is something sweet in our time spent together that goes beyond just repeating the words of Scripture to each other but actually living in the good of God’s Word together. His experience of each psalm enriches my experience of each psalm.

The Psalms were originally written for the public worship of God’s people. Don’t privatize them so completely that you’re depriving yourself (and others) of the benefit of living in the good of worshiping and praising God with fellow believers.

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