Why Pursuing Sanctification Is More Than Just Remembering Justification

Scripture Is an Orchestra

The reality that Jesus Christ died for us, shed his blood, and bore our sins to give us his righteousness and goodness is absolutely foundational to the fact that we have life. It essentially communicates that God is for you.

[Scripture] . . . has no truth that plays solo—it's the whole orchestra, the whole choir.

But there are other wonderful things that aren't part of that. The reality that God is with you, for example, is a different reality. It's a more dynamic reality. It's a relational reality.

One of the ways that I think about Scripture is that it has no truth that plays solo—it's the whole orchestra, the whole choir. There are many different instruments and they all have a part to play. So when I'm struggling with "I'm never good enough," it makes a huge difference that I understand that God is for me. Jesus loved me. He chose to die for me.

Sanctification Includes the Whole Orchestra

But when I'm facing a really hard thing, have a fatal illness, or just lost someone I loved, I need to know that God is my refuge. When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I need to know that God will never leave me or forsake me. Different aspects of God's mercies are the fitting food and drink and life for different struggles that people face.

How Does Sanctification Work?

David Powlison

Weaving together personal stories, biblical exposition, and theological reflection, David Powlison highlights the personal and particular means God uses to make us more like Jesus.

That's one reason why the catalyst for How Does Sanctification Work? was the prevalence of a one-note, solo truth about Christ's death for us being the whole of sanctification. One of my purposes was to "fill out the orchestra."

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