Why You Should Make Time to Read the Bible . . . Even When You’re Busy

Give Yourself Some Grace

Perhaps most women feel like they don’t have enough time to study the Bible, except for maybe one small patch of nerdy people (that I am probably a part of) who think it is the best thing ever. Most women are constantly aware of how many responsibilities are tugging on them.

Ultimately, we give time to the thing that we love.

Depending on your life stage, you probably need to have some grace with yourself when it comes to this topic. Bible study comes more naturally when we go through seasons in which we have more discretionary time. The key is to do what you’re able to do with the season that you’re in. If you’re a young mom, or if you’re caring for an elderly parent who needs constant attention, then there may be restrictions around the time that you have available for study.

Get after God’s Word

But when you move out of that phase, that’s when it’s time to ask yourself if you have more time to give, and commit to give that extra time to Bible study. We certainly go through times when we’re in a kind of maintenance mode. But when we come out of those seasons, it’s important to lift our eyes again and use the greater amount of discretionary time to immerse ourselves in Scripture in a systematic way that’s helping us build Bible literacy.

I’m convicted fairly regularly that I’m not always consciously thinking about where I’m spending my discretionary time. So I think it’s good for any one of us to periodically do a little due diligence here, budgeting our time, asking how our time is really being spent, and if we should carve out more time for Bible study.

Ultimately, we give time to the thing that we love. So pray and ask the Lord that you would have a love for his Word that would then build in you a desire to allocate time for it, because it’s life-giving.

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