Unfolding Grace: 40 Guided Readings through the Bible


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Unfolding Grace: 40 Guided Readings through the Bible


Explore God's Unfolding Plan of Redemption

The single most popular book in the world—the Bible—came to us over many centuries from many authors and in many different literary styles. Yet every part fits together into a coherent whole. Its pages tell a unified story of grace—a story that climaxes in the triune God of love redeeming sinners and sufferers through his Son, Jesus.

In Unfolding Grace, discover the overarching storyline of God's Word as it is revealed through 40 Scripture readings drawn from key points in the biblical narrative. Each passage, coupled with brief and accessible commentary, will help you follow God's grace as it unfolds from Genesis through Revelation.

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Peter Voth

Peter Voth is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Germany. He works primarily internationally for numerous clients in the Christian and secular field. His work and style is mainly inspired by historical art, the Victorian era and traditional illustration techniques such as line engraving. He lives near Aachen and is married to Lore.


  • 40 illustrations by Peter Voth
  • Features brief introductions discussing the flow of God’s plan of redemption
  • Content written by Drew Hunter
  • Single-column format
  • Thick, cream-colored book paper
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Study guide also available for purchase

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Published: September 10, 2020


“Each turning of the page of this beautiful book draws its readers ever-deeper into the breathtaking flow of the Bible’s epic story of redemption where the reward is, in Jesus’s words, ‘grace upon grace.’ Here the story of grace is rendered transparent by the dignified precision of the English Standard Version, the fine introductions by Drew Hunter, and the exquisite illustrations and headers of German artist Peter Voth. This book will surely be used to introduce many readers to ‘the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Read it, and give it!”
R. Kent HughesSenior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

“The Bible contains the one narrative that serves as the context for every other narrative in human history. Unfolding Grace puts on full display this overarching narrative of the Bible in the context of the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. This guided reading will remind and reassure Christians that there is a plan and a purpose for our history that will culminate in the grand restoration of all things.”
Miles V. Van Pelt, Alan Hayes Belcher, Jr. Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages and Director, Summer Institute for Biblical Languages, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson

“With eye-catching illustrations, guided insight, and a helpful narrative structure, Unfolding Grace and the Unfolding Grace Study Guide act as gentle and wise companions to anyone who wants to read through Scripture with purpose and clarity. I highly recommend this beautiful resource.”
Shelby Abbott, author, DoubtLess and Pressure Points; speaker; campus minister

Discover the Overarching Storyline of God's Word

Featuring 40 Scripture Readings Drawn from Key Points in the Biblical Narrative