Do You Get Excited About Evangelism?

From Bringing the Gospel Home by Randy Newman

We're not always great at evangelism. Sometimes we present the gospel in a way that elicits offense or heated disagreement. Other times we stumble over our words and facts so much that we receive piteous raised eyebrows that seem to say "Oh, you poor ignoramus, how could you believe this hogwash?" Another shortcoming, perhaps more tragic than the others, is the taming of the glorious message of the gospel to the point that it receives a polite nod that indicates nothing more than "that makes sense." We need to find ways preach the good news in ways that inspire amazement.

This begins with an emphasis on just how bad we are. Grasping the depth of human depravity is the only way that people will truly appreciate the gospel message. We must realize how audacious it is for creatures to rebel against their generous creator, and how wicked we are next to his purity. It is important that as we are relaying this information to people, we use the pronouns "we" and "us" rather than "you" and "I," which can carry an air of self-righteousness.

In light of utter human depravity, we need to emphasize the joy of grace, not simply recite the right information. People need to recognize the goodness of the gospel and what fantastic news it is. Witnessing shouldn't be an issue of summoning the courage to blurt out some facts. Instead, soak in grace. Remind yourself that your standing before God was provided by the finished work of the cross. You didn't earn anything. Be comfortable and secure in the joy of your justification. That is what your friends and relatives need to see in you and hear in your words.

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