Evangelical Unity and Denominational Diversity (book excerpt)

Denominations. The word itself can spark strong reactions, leading us to consider the strengths and weaknesses of our factions. Is unity even possible?

Showing how denominational affiliation can be natural without being negative, and how evangelical diversity can help rather than hinder Christian unity, Why We Belong explains both the personal and doctrinal reasons each of the following contributors fit not only in their church, but also in the Church:

  • Gerald L. Bray (Anglican)
  • Timothy F. George (Baptist)
  • Douglas A. Sweeney (Lutheran)
  • Timothy C. Tennent (Methodist)
  • Byron D. Klaus (Pentecostal)
  • Bryan Chapell (Presbyterian)

Demonstrating why Christians have legitimate reasons for identifying with a particular denomination, Why We Belong also helps us appreciate something much larger than our own traditions—the family of God.

Preview an excerpt from the book:

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