An Historic Opportunity in China

Dear Friend of Crossway:

I am writing specifically now because I believe that we have an historic moment of opportunity in Mainland China – and to ask if you would consider helping, by supporting the following two projects in China. Let me explain these briefly below:

Chinese Study Bible – Translation and Distribution in Mainland China

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This first opportunity involves the translation of the ESV Study Bible notes and resources into Chinese to be published with the Chinese (CUV) Bible text and distributed throughout Mainland China. Through the Lord’s gracious provision, the translation of the New Testament notes and resources has already been completed (and is already funded in the amount of $155,000), and we are ready to begin work early next year on the Old Testament notes and resources. In fact, we will be printing a “trial edition” of the Four Gospels in early January, for distribution and review in Mainland China among Christian leaders, pastors, and teachers.

An additional $292,000 is needed, however, to complete the entire translation of the Old Testament notes, resources, maps, diagrams, charts, and articles. Significantly, our overseas ministry partners are confident of raising and providing $133,000 in support next year, provided that Crossway can provide the rest. So to ensure that we can keep this project moving forward, we need to raise the remainder– that is, $159,000 – if possible, by the end of this current year.

The Lord has opened a remarkable door in Mainland China for the creation of this project. It goes without saying that there is a massive need for solid Bible-centered teaching materials in Mainland China – and the Chinese Study Bible project is ideally suited to help meet this massive need.

Strategic Bible Resource Distribution Throughout Mainland China

The second opportunity involves the production and strategic distribution throughout Mainland China of several Bible editions – including Chinese-English (ESV) bilingual Bibles, Chinese-English editions of the Gospel of John, Chinese New Testaments with study notes, and other Bible resources as these become available during 2014. By God’s grace, through the significant support of key donors, Crossway has already been able to underwrite the paper cost for production and distribution of 250,000 bilingual Bibles throughout Mainland China during the last five years – Bibles that have become a precious treasure for the people of China who are hungry for God’s Word, especially who want to learn English, by pouring over the Bible in Chinese alongside the English language text of the ESV Bible.

To meet the needs represented by these strategic opportunities, we are seeking to raise $175,000 if possible by the end of this year. Through the Lord’s gracious provision, this will provide the means to produce and distribute more than 50,000 Bibles, New Testaments with study notes, and other Bible resources in Mainland China during 2014.

It is remarkable to see what the Lord is doing in China – to provide this historic moment of opportunity for the distribution of God’s Word to the 1.4 billion people in China. But as you may know, Crossway is a not-for-profit publishing ministry. Because of this, we are grateful for the support of friends like you – to help us to respond to significant ministry opportunities like these.

With my great appreciation to you for helping support these two projects, as the Lord leads you in His own way,

In Christ our Savior,

Lane T. Dennis, PhD