One Million Copies of the ESV Study Bible

In this week's press release, we were happy to announce that 1 million copies of the ESV Study Bible have now been sold and distributed worldwide. This milestone is particularly significant to us as proceeds from the Study Bible have provided more than $1.5 million to help underwrite Bible ministry distribution projects and the development of ESV Bible resources around the world – including support for the printing and distribution of more than 250,000 Chinese-English (ESV) Bibles in Mainland China.

Dr. Lane Dennis reflected on this milestone:

“It is astonishing to see what the Lord is accomplishing with the ESV Bible in general, and with the ESV Study Bible in particular. In addition to the 1 million ESV Study Bible milestone, more than 90 million ESV Bibles have now been distributed and accessed worldwide in all formats, including print, web and digital. The only appropriate response is to give all the glory to God – and to stand before the Lord in fear and trembling, with regard to the responsibility he has entrusted to us for the publication of God’s Word.”

May God be honored through the ESV Study Bible and may his church be strengthened.